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What are we up to now?

Anybody who has attended a project by Community Objectives knows that we are all about making it the best experience we can for the community; It's in our name!

This year has been an incredibly tough year for us and we really have worked incredibly hard to deliver on the project we oh so wished could happen in 2020. With this year seeing, Pantomimes, School workshops, Walkabout performances, Socially focused art installations, and of course Light Up Latchford 2021: The Untold Stories it has been a very humbling experience hearing the brilliant feedback we have received.

With the past in the past, we are learning and developing each and every project to ensure we offer top quality cultural and arts engagement without forgetting the identities of the communities we produce with, and for.

So, looking into the future here are 5 projects we are currently working on that you can access:

1: Windy Hill Wonderland

This 18th December, we will be supporting the Windmill Hill community to celebrate winter and bring along a little bit of Community Objectives magic through light, performers, and workshops as part of the Windy Hill Wonderland event.

2: Free Naughty Elf Visits

Teaming up with our good friends at Latch Ford Big Local Partnership here is one of the Christmas projects we will be working on. Elf visits are so last year... NAUGHTY elf visits are very 2021! With a full back story and a hunt for the missing magic Candy Cane, Lucky Chatterbum and Pinky Jinglefeet are causing trouble in the area with free visits on the lead up to Christmas.

3: It's beginning to look a lot like a QR Christmas

Not feeling as confident as you use to about public spaces? We totally understand, the world is a very strange place at the moment and with an ever changing way of living we will be bringing something to Latch Ford that you can do as an individual, group of friends, or big family outing.


On the 18th December, in partnership with Latch Ford Big Local, you can get your snow shoes on, grab those wooly gloves and that bobble hat and head out on a fantastic QR trail. All you need is a phone and internet access and you can be out for hours of fun. With tasks to complete, riddles to crack and items to hunt for, this free activity will be getting you ready for a festive season out of the house.

4: 'Game On'

First comes the issue, the problem, the thing to celebrate, then comes the project design. This is exactly how we have come to be offering this next project. Thanks to Community Foundation for Merseyside and Beechwood, Ballantyne and Bidston Village Big Local, we have been successful in securing a grant to offer support to a local Primary School in providing a Theatre in Education performance and a series of exciting workshops in our original project; GAME ON!


Game On is an engagement plan with young people of Primary School age to explore the ways in which we 'play' together using the offline and online world to do so. We are really excited to create this interactive performance and explore the way schools can use performing arts as a tool for culture change management. This project will be taking place early 2022 and will offer casting opportunities.

5: Our Correlations

During the Pandemic St Helens Council Libraries had a series of exchanges through letter based communication with older members of their community. Through this, a link began to develop, creating a sense of togetherness at a point when the world has never felt more segregated. We are proud to say that we are one of 3 organisations to have been selected to create a piece of performance/visual art work that responds to the letter exchanges.

Reading through the letters is lovely, although redacted you can see the connection between two participants begin to develop, grow and become more of a friendship. As an organisation we will be developing a series of audio monologues and duologues that are created in direct response to their exchanges. What's more important is that each letter contains information about local events, places and spaces that create their own ambience. Our recording will be recorded directly within such spaces and are aimed to be showcased and available in those spaces, online and through MP3 player loan services next March/April.