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Santa and his helper zoomed into Windmill Hill Big Local

As we write this, we send out joyful photographs and video recording of our Zoom with Santa and his friendly helper elf; Jingle event.

Commissioned by Windmill Hill Big Local, Community Objectives CIC have spent the past weekend providing exciting and merry zoom calls to children and families across Windmill Hill, Runcorn.

As children and their guardians joined the call, they were greeted by Jingle and a sleeping Santa and after Jingle is helped by the boys and girls, Santa, played by Luke Stephenson leaps to action in his storytelling extravaganza through a duologue improvisation and storytelling techniques. Each child attending the call received an personalised experience built up of their favourite foods, most memorable moment from the past 12 months, and range of other experiences unique to that individual person.

After chatting with Santa, Jingle played by Warrington Actor; Amy Woods rudely interrupts the conversation to break out her new moves and dance along to classic christmas songs we all know and love.

A well and truly deserved event to lift spirits in the midst of a pandemic and spread joy as we head into the strangest of christmas'.

Not to forget the one character not mentioned, Doris - The Admin Elf. Never seen but based in the North Pole headquarters, we could not have done this without her.

A magical weekend for all and for sure not the last one.

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