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Putting Young People In Control

Following on from our last Blog, Community Objectives have currently run 3 sessions of ACT NOW! Leadership Programme, and as uncertain as it was to start with, our Young Leaders have certainly made an impact already.

ACT NOW! Leadership Programme is for Young Leaders aged 12-16 and Youth Leaders 16-17. The project was set up with the ethos that young people are capable of much more than we give them credit for. From planning events/Performances to managing budgets; creating application processes to performing at outdoor festivals, this group really has the world as its oyster.

Current Progress

Within 3 weeks (3 hours) the group has been able to develop a deeper level of learning by identifying and reviewing social issues current to today's society, fluctuate between new styles of improvisation and past historical performing arts skills, and measuring their possible impact on the Warrington community.

They really are a bunch of engaged young people which is growing by numbers each week.

They have reflected on key information needed in order to safeguard themselves and others in an application process and developed a competent application form, while maintaining a professional outlook at how they will ensure sustainability of the group and generate income.

The group have created 3 categories of roles within the team for membership.

  • Young Leader - Young person aged 12-16 and still studying in High School.

  • Youth Leader - Aged 16-17 and has left high school education.

  • Facilitator - Anybody aged 18+ who feels they can have a positive input to the team.

The young Leaders and Youth Leaders have also decided that no membership fee will be applicable while sessions take place online. Once session take place face-to-face there will be a monthly membership of £20.00. This will be payable at the start of each month.

Young Leader, Max said "Its a group where people get to be in control, and not just be told what to do. When we do it [make the decisions], it means we have to really understand what it takes to make a show happen"

Max, alongside his team, have already started to think creatively about how they will ensure they can perform without being restricted by the worldwide pandemic and Government restrictions.

As the weeks progress, we hope we will transition into the new normal easily and work within the boundaries set out by government guidance in a safe and appropriate manner. Until then, we will continue to provide our sessions FREE ONLINE until further notice.

For more information, check out the Facebook page, or better yet, join us on Wednesday at 7pm to get a feel for the group and join the team in creating the future of Warringtons Youth Arts.

To complete your membership form click here >>>> Download Membership Form

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