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Welcoming our newest Director

This February, we are excitedly welcoming a new member to the team; Amanda Roberts is going to be joining Community Objectives CIC as Director.

Amanda has worked with Community Objectives in the past and so some of you may recognise her from The Silly Box Showtime, and the 'one running around like crazy' at 2019’s Light Up Latchford event. As with everything in the current world, we took ourselves into the online world and had a chat with Amanda to find out a little more about her experience, plans for CO, and a little more about what she does in her spare time.

Im sure you will join us in giving a huge welcome to Amanda and make her feel welcome when she’s in and about your community as things (luckily) start to open up and we see our beautiful community spaces used again.


Do you want to explain a little about yourself?

I’m Amanda,

I love all things performing!

I spend to spend my free time singing

throughout the house, especially during lockdown! When it comes to education I hold my PGCE in Further Education and Training and a BA Hons in Community Drama from Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts.

Both these qualifications have really helped me develop

my skill set but also gave my so many amazing opportunities to work with the community. I love all things Disney, you will often find me singing Disney, quoting Disney, or wearing something Disney, did I mention I like Disney!


What is it about Community Objectives that made you want to join?

That the work we do is do with, for and by the community. The use of arts within the community to celebrate, inspire and develop people Is really important to me. Seeing the work that it has done and some of the work I’ve been apart of has really played a part in accepting to come on board.


When you was little, what was your dream job?

Well, I went between two dream jobs as a child the first one was a singer. One Christmas my parents bought me a karaoke machine and that was the day that my neighbours had to deal with me singing Mariah Carey and S Club 7 through the speakers. The other one was a police woman, but that lasted a week. I think I just wanted to work with the police dogs!


How did you get into Community Theatre?

I have worked within the community for 10 years now. It all started with me volunteering at the age of 16 for a Performing Arts group where I would help young children develop their Acting skills. I noticed how much I enjoyed watching children and young people develop and grow in confidence. As I grew up I began directing shows, running classes and teaching within an education setting. Then my love of working with the community grew more when I began my degree at LIPA, studying Community Drama, where I got to work with a variety of people from all walks of life using Performing Arts as a tool as-well as a form of entertainment. Last year I started a community choir, open to people of all ages, and abilities. It wasn’t your typical choir where u go and sing from a sheet of music.It was more like a karaoke choir where people came to get away from the stresses of day-to-day life and enjoy singing. It is what has now inspired me to want to make a focus of mine to be using arts to support peoples mental health and well-being.


Whats one thing about the world that should be celebrated?

How people come together. Take what we are dealing with now. It's amazing seeing how people are supporting each other through the pandemic.


If you were to perform in one show, what character would you like to play and why?

I would want to play a character that would be strong willed, and kind. A character that goes through a real change, accomplishes something or develops themselves during their story arc. But don’t get my wrong I have played a tree before in a show and had a blast!


Over the pandemic, what’s the one thing you have missed the most, and what have you done to keep yourself busy?