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Our Covid Response

At Community Objectives CIC we pride ourselves on adapting, and being versatile within our industry. Unfortunately, the worldwide pandemic has resulted in a large amount of cancellations of events and workshops for us and businesses that share similar aim. We are all working twice as hard to remain sustainable and receive that all needed income, the arts and community sector rely on heavily to provide the good they do.

Since the beginning of Government restriction and the introduction of social distancing, we have found it growingly difficult to keep our impact growing, moving forward, and providing those all important projects our community rely on to break up the norm.

That being said, we have kept very busy continuing and concluding our Latch 52 Initiative in partnership with Latch Ford Big Local and thanks to Big Lottery Funding, we have successfully adapted to bring projects and achieved outcomes we originally never set out to achieve. Were positive, optimistic that with this pandemic,

we will see new ways of working, and new form of unimaginable creativity in our communities over the next coming months, or year as we create and design what we want the 'new normal' to be.

We want to state that although we are not currently hosting any in-person projects, we are still taking bookings, consulting for new projects and commissions, and working hard to secure that ever so important funding. We are supporting the amazing work our partners are doing in the community to provide Creative Packs, Food parcels and support with keeping the people active in this time.

If you wish to book a workshop, discuss a community engagement project needs, or just find out a little more information about us, head over to our contact page.

How you can help make sure we stay here with you

As many of you will know, we are a small team which works super hard

to keep core costs low, so that we can put as much into our projects for our community to reap the benefits. Nevertheless, we are in the same struggling position as many of our small business friends and community partners. We have created our Community Impact Fund which will be running continuously to support our work in the community.

Every penny from this fund will be invested into the Warrington Community to provide recovery projects to regenerate our fabulously prosperous home.

To donate to this fund please visit our donation page (Apple Pay accepted)

Get your membership and join our network

During lockdown, we have all had some time to think and regenerate ourselves. Some have chosen a new fitness goal, some artistic, and some a new career goal. This is great news as now more than ever we are seeing people engage in new and exciting things they never thought possible for them.

For those that have engaged with community and arts, or are looking to engage, we are in the middle of launching our online members area on our website. A place where our community can come together and connect with one another, stay up to date on the latest info, and ensure they have their say on how we work with your community. The best thing about it? Its Free!

As we develop our members area, we hope it become an area, where we can direct you to access free resources for learning and information on early access to events. To get your membership click the login button on the top left and create your profile. Once you have done so, we will be in touch with information on how to access your selected area within the members page.


Until we have a green light, and we are able to provide a safe, inclusive, and fun experience, we will continue to engage with our online provision. Until then, we hope our community stays safe, stays healthy, and stays connected.

See you soon,

The Community Objectives CIC Team