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ACT NOW! Creating the next generation of Arts Leadership

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Calling all young people! It's time for you to show the world what you can do!

Act Now! was created as a response to Covid 19 restrictions. Lockdown put a lot of pressure on the arts and to keep people up to date, developing their learning, and taking risks in their performance skills, we developed our Act Now! offering which explored key performing arts practitioners and skills.

The response has been overwhelming with positive feedback but there was something that was missing. Afterall, it was started on a whim and we had very little time to consult before our launch.

The thing is, after running our sessions each saturday, we have consulted with our attendees and a new change is coming. Our members suggested a way forward for young people to have the responsibility and develop their leadership so that they can become the next generation of arts in the community leaders.


Each week, ACT NOW! Youth leaders will meet every Wednesday at 7pm for 1 hour (this will change after Covid19 restrictions are lifted, once physical sessions can happen it will be 2 hours with a membership fee set by the group TBC).

Sessions are facilitated over Zoom

As this group is ran by young people, for young people, we need young people to discuss how the group should run, when it should run, and where it should run as we shift into the 'new normal'.

We are inviting all young people from in and around the Warrington area, aged 12-16 to come online and join us in the planning phase for starting your group, with your ideas, in a way that you get to facilitate the directions the group should move towards. This really is your opportunity to create what you want, how you want.

The aim of the group is create performances that benefit the community while gaining experience, knowledge, and understanding from trained professionals about the multitude of career opportunities in the Arts and Community sector. This ensures we maximise the amount of options each young person has open to them.

Sessions will be facilitated by trained Community Practitioner and Performing Arts Teacher, Jake Liken. Jake says

"how amazing would it be to see young people plan, apply for funding, set their own goals, and achieve those outcomes all while using the skill they love; Performing Arts. Every time somebody I know achieves their goals, there is always that sense of pride that you can not get from having somebody else achieve it for you, or give you the answers. Now is the time we realise young people are so much more capable than we give credit for! Some of the young people I have worked with have shown more maturity regarding societal issues than some adults I know. Lets trial it, let's allow them to take a risk, lets allow them to see for themselves what they are capable of, and to monitor the future they want. You never know it might just be the biggest impact we could make as a community".

To Join the group, and join the conversation, head to our facebook page @Communityobjectives and join the Act Now! Leadership Programme group for our zoom link each Wednesday at 7pm-8pm.

Facebook group link: