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A myriad of community members with one common goal. The first ever Light Festival to take place on Westy Park, Latchford, Warrington. With large puppets, music, food, and of course a completely original narrative written by non other than Gill Hoffs; a committed community member. 

An event like never before took place to create the most magical memories by celebrating community, togetherness and accomplishments; a celebration of growth. 

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The Witches



It's that certain festive season... Oh Yes it is!  

An orginal pantomime developed in partnership with Latchford Residents all within the constraints of pantomime context and influenced by the writings of L. Frank Baum.


Following the Story of Dame Bubbles as she tries to find the perfect dress for the ball, The Wicked Witch puts a spell on the town of WOZ and poor Glinda is left to fight off spud and his attempt at declaring his love for her. The only question is.. Is that really Glinda?

This production seeked to break down the bonds between us and them, and highlight our ability to empathise.

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What if in the future...

Prescot has a great heritage which we had the pleasure of exploring. Facilitating 15 community groups and organisations, we devised individual outdoor performances that when performed in the correct order provide the audience with a myriad of educations, entertaining and enticing material. 

Themed around Prescotian past, present, and future this project saw over 200 people attend an outdoor performance in 2016 and create a community time capsule of aspirations which one day we hope to celebrate once again. 


In partnership with Prescot Townscape Heritage Initiative, and Carmel College, and funded by Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts and Heritage Lottery.  


Variety Night 2019

As part of our community support, in 2019 we set out to aid the raising of funds for a local community centre within Warrington in order to fix their roof; St Margarets Community Centre; a crucial centre which serves the residents of Latchford. 

With 21 performers, the support of 10 local organisations and over 200 people attending, we provided a low cost (£2.50) event where we danced, laughed, sang, we even ate together shared stories, memories and pride for our own community. 

Cinema Experience

As part of our service offering, we often facilitate a range of movie experience events such as The Greatest Showman Sing along, Horror Movie Night, Family Film Night, and Afternoon tea with a Picture show. 

Each event provides a safe space for people to watch movies without the need to behave in the traditional Cinema manner. This is a relaxed space where people can take the breaks, sit how they like, and most definitely bring along their own snacks and drinks. 


The average price of our Cinema Experiences are £1.00-£5.00




As qualified specialists in Community Arts, Musical theatre and Performance in Education, we believe in the power of creativity and Performing Arts. 

The Silly Box Showtime is a weekly group which meets to explore different creative outlets in performance, developing key performance skills and personal development skills in order to find a sucessful career in the Performing Arts.  All facilitators work in the professional industry and have a range of experience in the amatuer feild too. Understanding the differences between the two are key in a sucessful growth into the young artist we know our 'Silly Squad' can be. 


The best part about it for parents? 

This doesnt break the bank! We seek external funding to ensure we can keep it accesible and low cost for the families we work with, low cost without geperdising the high quality, educational and proven success of The Silly Box Showtime. 

Theatre in Education

Theatre in Education provides a strong core foundation for young people to apply analytical skills to their own lives. 

All of our Theatre in Education packages are developed utilising the theory of a growth mindset. 


Through exploring various key themes within our performances young people are able to identify key moments of action and reaction to develop a stronger ability to actively participate more fully in society.   



We are Performing Arts Specialists and we work to our strengths. Utilising our knowledge of Performing Arts and Key performance practitioners, we apply those skills to write, direct and perform with a range of community and performance artists.  

Our previous performances include:  

  • The Garden Behind the Church

  • The Witches of Woz Pantomime

  • Social Corp 


2 new performances are coming this Summer (2020) 



Community consultation is at the heart of all our work. Consulting 'Community Experts' is a key factor in the production of a successful community project based around measurable outcomes.  We have worked with various organisations to produce consultation packages using a creative approach.


Supporting the need for market research, community input or impact measurment, we provide a clear process from beginnig to end in ensuring communication throughout.  

Our portfolio goes on... Contact us for more details

Our portfolio also includes: 
- Youth Theatre Direction 
- Adult performance direction 
- Choreography 
- Workshop design and facilitation on a wide variety of topics using drama as a tool for learning and development  
- Project Management 
- Creative Consultation 
- Vocal and Drama Tutoring
- Programme design and Delivery
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