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Date: 22nd-23rd December 

Times: 5pm-8pm

The above may change depending on weather.

This Christmas, Lucky Chatterbum and Pinky Jinglefeet are making their way around Latch Ford Big Local on the hunt for their mission Candy Cane. Have you seen it? It's lost and they need your help to find it! 


As they make their way around they are looking to be naughty in a nice way.  Unfortunately the North Pole's favourite Elves needs permission to be naughty and enter your gardens, knock on doors, and cause trouble on a personalised level. So... as the two of them make their way across the area, register your interest below and we will be in touch with dates, times, and more information on the week leading up to Christmas. 


Please be aware Lucky and Pinky have been kicked out the north pole and are armed with silly string, songs, and causing mischief all over. 


Expected area visit dates:  

22nd/23rd December 2021 (Weather dependant)

Time: 5:00pm - 8:00pm


Maps of the route will be available 24 hours before the first date on this page. 


This is a Latch Ford Big Local Funded project.  We extremely grateful for their support in providing wonderful opportunities like this to the Latch Ford Community.  More information on Big Local can be found here:


Terms & Conditions: 

- By submitting this form you are agreeing to:  

- The use of your information for monitoring and funding purposes in connection with LFBL.  

- The use of this data for only the visit this year. Any further bookings will require an additional booking.  

- All data will be held in accordance to uk law and our data protection policy. 

- Community Objectives staff will be causing mayhem during the experience.  This may include:  Silly String, Water, and tricks within the perimeters of your garden. The characters may also knock on your door and hide, post silly notes through your letter box, or play other tricks too in good humour by signing up your interest you are agreeing to allow these to take place.  

- We will follow covid precautions and guidelines in best practice and will endeavour to make sure you feel safe. The experience may be effected depending on the regulations in place at the time in line with government recommendations.  

- Performers will hand sanitise between households to minimise risks appropriately. If risks are heightened CO will adapt accordingly.  

- CO reserve the right to cancel this experience at any time.  Any cancellation will be appropriately announced with justification. 

- Any abusive behaviour towards CO performers will result in the experience being ended. We have a zero tolerance policy for abusive behaviour against any of our staff.  Any malicious damage to costume, props will result in a full cost recovery from the booking adult.  

- This experience is about having fun and we will also aim to get adults involved to. 


 Please support our staff to create a whole family experience. 


Questions or queries should be directed to

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