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Busy, who, me?
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Our correlations is a series of audio clips featuring a monologue or duologue exploring key themes highlighted within a myriad of letters from the residents of St Helens in response to letters kindly sent out during the 2020 lockdown by Emma Graney, a member of the St Helens Library Service team. 


To create this work, a series of consultations happened to enable various artists to consult, communicate and dissect each letter to highlight areas of subtext and use creativity to create the context.  From this consultation Jake Liken then collated this feedback and found correlations between each letter to create a series of scripts.  


The script work outlined a series of correlations between each persons letter, mixed with a variety of scenarios based on artists real life experiences the script was created. 


Later, recordings were made of the script to provide a slight audio experience.  Transitioning sounds from left to right audio tracks, the experience should feel submersible and embed you into the environment with your eyes closed.  The reason we chose to provide sound and not written was to work inclusively as a response to one correspondent who was blind and usually engages with the services through audio books. We also chose this medium as it allows those less likely to read, engagement with writing and language used within the library services letter project. 


The Community Objectives CIC team hope that through experiencing each audio track as it’s own piece of work, our audience will be able to experience a myriad of narratives that enable them to relate and connect with on a personal level.  We hope that through engaging with this work, the audience will be able to identify areas which were highlighted as themes and see commonality with their community peers. 

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Physical Exhibition displayed at St Helens Library inside 

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