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Community Objectives CIC is a registered Community Interest Company committed to providing high quality creative events, workshops, and performance projects to benefit members of socially and/or economically challenged backgrounds. 


With a diverse range of skills and knowledge, we pride ourselves on their current creative offering around the North-West, England and the creative risks we take. 


Through research and consultation, all of our bespoke and unique projects are developed with measurable outcomes and outputs to ensure your projects get the results needed to identify progress, development and improvement, whether that be in your community, school, in your workplace, or in your home.   

Our socio-theatre background allow us to take even the most unusual topic or social issues and combine them in a measurable, efficient and effective creative project. 

Contact us to help connect communities creativley.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead 

Our Mission

Our Mission

To support the development of communities through creative practices.

Our Values




Our Vision

Our Vision is that communities have the skills, knowledge and behaviours to follow their own creative pathway to a better future


"Being able to work with communities as Community Objectives CIC really gives me the feeling that we are creating so many special moments, real moments that make a diffence to people and the lives they live. This company is like the fairground, people join our projects becasue they each get an individual experience but throughout all of their experiences they know there is a collective feeling amongst all participants. Community, Arts, Performance, its all about the shared experiences and thats something we must not forget".


Jake Liken 

BA (Hons) in Community Drama, PGCE in FE and Lifelong learning. NIOSH

Jessie Scotson; Communtiy Objectives CIC

"Theatre is brilliant, it has the opportunitiy to not only provide entertainment, but it can open up new thoughts, opinions and chances for you to change your whole world. Coming from Musical Theatre and dance, I am passionate about bring out the skills in singing and dancing that you never knew you had"

Jessie Scotson 

1.0 BA (Hons) in Musical Theatre

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